It seems like every time I turn around there is someone sending me a sample of the “new” super food that I must tell my clients about because it is the answer to everything they claim. Here is the deal, I think a lot of the super foods out there are great but it makes me a tad uncomfortable when they call them super foods. I think I feel this way because once it is labeled a super food it seems everyone goes bonkers and runs to the store and overloads on them and thinks it is the one cure to everything.   What is a super food anyway? I have nothing against the word super foods but I struggle with the way they claim it is the answer to everything. My personal opinion is our body needs a combination of these good for you foods. You know me, it is all about the balance. Before I put anything in my body I try and do some research and always go in moderation to see how my body is going to react to it. Well I did just that with the latest super food that was sent to me. Slow and steady and I am in love with this one so far. Super food? I wont go that far, full of health benefits 100% YES.  Will I be adding it to all my meals and double the dose because of this research and how I feel? I think not,  balance people, the more is better rule does not always apply and rarely is needed.

So what is this wonderful item that I recently tested and loved? Mushroom powder from OM  ( they are local in my hometown too ) but I guess you knew this from the post title 🙂 I tried mushroom powder about a year ago because I had heard a lot of noise about it but OMG it was a horrid experience. The taste was oh so bitter and I had to choke it down. I put it in my smoothie and in my opinion the taste ruined my smoothie.  I have never choked something down just because it was suppose to be good for you. ( I can still remember when  I tried to take a shot of apple cider vinegar- OMG GAG )  As soon as I received this package I called the company immediately and wanted to know if I was going to gag again because I was just not into that. What I learned is that mushroom powder is processed differently with different companies. Each of them claim their way is better however I am going to stick with OM because the way they did it tasted way better than the way the other company did it. There was actually zero taste with the one from OM.

I tried two of the flavors from OM. Honestly the taste was the same so my review is for both of them. They do have similar ingredients but not identical.  The two flavors were Restore and Beauty.  Here is why I love the mushroom powder from OM

They have the following naturally occurring benefits:

  • Beta Glucans
  • Vitamin D
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • L-ergothioneine
  • Antioxidants
  • Peptides
  • Lectins
  • Amino Acids
  • B Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Flavonoids
  • Selenium Compounds
  • Chelated Minerals

Some of these might not mean a lot to you but the ones that mean a lot to me are selenium, vitamin D, beta glucans and l-ergothioneine. All of these are excellent for the immune system and helpful in reducing inflammation in the body. I work a lot with clients that have autoimmune conditions and food allergies and these are some of the best supplements for these conditions. Now I can suggest they use a powder vs spend gobs of money on supplements.

The mushroom powder from OM is all organic, non gmo and gluten free. Triple score. They currently have ruffly 20+ products. They use 10 different species of mushrooms when making their various blends. Some of their products are single mushrooms and some are blends. I am very excited to try out their reishi one. This is my favorite mushroom at the moment. Research has shown this mushroom to not only help with your immune system but also increase your energy and help with an overactive immune system. This mushroom intrigues me because it acts as an adaptogen. Do not want to get all medical on you but in a nut shell it means it has a way of knowing what your body needs.

Another mushroom they use a lot is the cordyceps mushroom. This mushroom is known for increasing vitality and endurance. It also supports cardiac function and respiratory health. Mike is excited to try out their FIT blend because it is suppose to improve oxygen consumption and delivery to increase energy. The company rep told me a lot of athletes use it as a during workout drink and/or recovery drink.


Turkey Tail is another winner. Have you ever heard of turkey tail before? This mushroom is a POWERHOUSE of goodies. Super duper good for your immune system. Do you like that professional medical term? Hey I am not a doctor 🙂

The last mushroom I want to chat with you about is Maitake. This was a new one to me but I have researched it and love what it is all about. Full disclosure here, I have not tried it so I can not vouch for the taste. The others are tasteless so I am assuming this one is as well.

I could go on and on about the products from this company and the benefits about mushrooms but I hope that I have given you enough to try them out. I add a tsp every day to my tea or smoothie its just that simple. There was zero taste going down and zero aftertaste. I have been taking 1 tsp a day for 10 days now and I have noticed an increase in my energy. I alternate between the Restore and the Beauty. I have also noticed I have to cut my fingernails twice a week now as well. Weird? Coincidence? Or maybe a by product from the mushrooms 🙂

The company suggests that when you first start out that you do two tsps a day but as I stated above I am a firm believer in slow and steady and not going all bonkers with super foods. I will however continue to add a tsp a day because I have noticed a difference when using it.

I hope you try this company out, I think you will be pleased you did.For recipe ideas you can visit their Facebook Page

PS Did I mention they have products for your pet  and horse as well? No idea about this product line but you can be sure Roscoe will be testing them out soon.

Om Mushroom Powder for horses
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