I love tea. I love all flavors, all colors and all of the different varieties. I am a big believer in the healing benefits of tea as well. My love for tea started at the very beginning of my health journey.  I remember when I was in full research mode trying to heal myself from my autoimmune condition and I discovered that tea can help with inflammation. TEA! I was like “WOW something yummy and good for me”  The one thing that I discovered is all tea is not created equal. Call me a tea snob but its got to be loose and its got to be organic. Tea is heavily sprayed and  I just wont have any of that 🙂

I lived in San Jose at the time of this whole tea discovery and it was not unusual for me to drive 45 minutes to get good, loose leaf organic tea. This was many many years ago and Amazon was not really a thing and we certainty did not have health food stores like we do today. My only choice was Albertsons and lets be clear they did not have good loose leaf tea let alone organic.  Fast forward 15 years and I still LOVE tea, and thankfully I can get it locally now and Amazon carries some of the best. Tea has  become much more mainstream as the science behind its healing health benefits emerges more each day. Green gets a lot of the lime light but it is only because it is the one studied the most. From my research I have discovered that ALL tea has some form of healing benefits. I try and just drink a variety so I can keep it exciting.

Before I get to the recipe for this awesome anti-inflammation tea I want to tell you that how you brew tea matters big time. I tried the boiling method, the microwave, the cute ceramic tea posts, the stainless steel balls and they all did ok but it was not just right and never consistent. The more I researched tea the more I realized the brewing temp and time is CRUCIAL to the outcome of the brew. I knew that tea was going to be with me for life so I made a big purchase and got the Breville One Touch Tea Maker 

This tea maker is a work horse. You can set it for the variety you want and it knows the exact time and temperature. You can put in your tea and walk away. You can actually boil water in it as well. It is made with stainless steel and heavy glass. I just adore this machine, I mean really adore. OK now to the recipe

Anti-Inflammatory Tea

I made this in my tea maker but you could just boil it on your stove as well. ( BUT trust me put this tea maker on your want list )

Start out with 16 oz of filtered water in your tea maker or in a pot on the stove
Next add in 1.5 tablespoons of Rooibos tea.
1/2 inch peeled cube of ginger root
1/2 teaspoon of OM mushroom powder
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

If you are using the Breville One Touch Tea Maker put your water in the pitcher and put all your ingredients in the tea strainer and press herbal. 6 minutes later the work is all done. 

Breville One Touch Tea Maker
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Breville One Touch Tea Maker
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If you are using the stove just add the water, ginger root, and rooibos tea to a small pot over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and let it simmer covered, for 5 minutes. Next strain the tea and then add in your turmeric and mushroom powder. If you are using turmeric root instead of powder you can add it in with the ginger root and tea. You can have this tea hot or let it sit for a few minutes and then pour it over ice. I make enough for two servings and put the leftovers in the refrigerator ( just double the ingredients )

Anti-inflammatory tea
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If you are worried that it is going to taste icky DONT. It really is tasty. You can add some honey or lemon if you want but I promise it is a yummy tasting tea. I have also made this with green tea and white tea as well.

Your body has a tough job to do fighting all the toxins we take in and all the stress we encounter each day. Help it out by drinking this anti-inflammatory tea. It will thank you 🙂

Here are my favorite teas:
Davidson’s Roobios 
Frontier Co-Op Peppermint 
Silver Needle White
Yerba Mate

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