OMG have you been hearing about the mushroom craze? At first I was a little afraid of mushroom powders and elixirs out there because I tried some once and it was so bitter and honestly just gross. I was googling information on mushrooms and found this amazing resource from Four Sigmatic and learned so much. Then I purchased some mushroom powder from Four Sigmatic and was hooked and I mean HOOKED.  As you know I am always studying how to improve my immune system and keep my gut happy and healthy. Mushroom powder is magical in this area. I have also used the mushroom powder from OM ( you can read my blog post on OM here )but I have to say I think I like the stuff from Four Sigmatic better. I love the way they educate you on everything. These are the kind of companies I want to support all day long.

Whenever I find a new product that looks promising and something I want to share with my clients and friends I first drive them crazy with questions about the product. I always want to make sure I only recommend things that I think are the bees knees. This stuff is the bees knees and then some. ( I will be doing a review of my favorite mushroom powders from them in a few days )

After trying a few of their products I immediately contacted my new friends over at Four Sigmatic and asked them if I could get a special coupon code for you all so you can try this stuff too. You never know until you ask right? 🙂 Mike thinks I am so funny the way I do this but guess what????????????? They said YES but the coupon code is only good till 9/1/2017. Since this offer is only for a limited time I would like to highly encourage you to try it. (Use coupon code allinthebalance at checkout)I promise you I would not recommend this if I did not do my research and truly believe in the healing powers of mushroom. AND OMG the sleep benefits(reishi) and the energy benefits(cordyceps)of some of the blends have literally blown me away.   Here is some info on mushrooms just to give you an idea.

First off did you know that mushrooms are one of the world’s most well studied superfoods and are jam packed with amazing benefits? I still can’t believe we have not been using these in western medicine, it is almost criminal.


Chaga mushroom can help support immune functions. It is called the king of mushrooms. You’ll find growing naturally in the wild and it has antioxidant properties.


Lion’s Mane is an all-natural cognitive enhancer. It has been shown to support memory and concentration.


If you have occasional stress and difficulty sleeping, Reishi mushroom can help you relax and get a good night sleep.


Cordyceps is an adaptogen, not a stimulant, so it helps you produce and maintain steady energy levels. Coffee can give you an energy spike, followed by a crash; cordyceps, on the other hand, helps your body produce its own energy. A few of my clients use cordyceps as their pre-workout drink and they LOVE it.

Have you been hearing about green coffee? This was one of their products I could not wait to try. I think I starred out the window for two days straight waiting for the UPS man lol.

Click here to get 10% off your first Four Sigmatic order  Use coupon code allinthebalance- Remember the offer expires 9/1/2017 so just click on one of them and try it. The Saver Value Packs are a great way to start.

The guys at Four Sigmatic have made consuming mushrooms and superfoods delicious and super easy to do with their Mushroom Coffees, Mushroom Superfood Blends and Mushroom Elixirs. Just add their products to a cup of hot water, mix them into your smoothies or shakes or add them to one of your favorite recipes. I have added them to my coffee, smoothies, muffins and yes even my pasta. You can not taste a difference. Mike is a huge fan too. You guys know I am always saying the answers to some of our health woes are literally laying on the ground we walk on. Four Sigmatic is proving me right. The more I learn from them the more I am soooooo excited about what this fungi can do for our health.

PS if you are having sleep issues than grab the reishi. I love it and it works. 

This offer ends 9/1/2017 so be sure to grab your discount now before it’s too late. I do not think you will be disappointed. Remember to use coupon code allinthebalance to get that 10% off.

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